Project Development

At 17 Design and Manufacturing, our purpose is to help improve the quality and performance of your products. We work alongside you and your staff to create solutions that will outlast our engagement. Unlike consulting firms that attempt to change too much at once, we bring change to the areas that yield the greatest returns and lasting improvements.

Precision in Our Products 

With experience comes precision and our engineers work hard to produce a product that not only exceeds the clients expectations. Throughout the product development process, a product will pass through a series of checkpoints such as: 

  • Design Review
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Inspection
  • Production

These processes ensure a successful outcome once the product has reached its final development stage. We’ve invested in the necessary machinery and training to perfect the product development line.

War-Torn Spitfire 

When War-Torn Archery wanted to bring their idea to life, we took their idea from a paper drawing to refined prototype through to production. We refined the design to be more production friendly, lowering per unit cost, time to market as well as increasing their profit margin lower the lowering MSRP. These are just a few of the things 17 Design & Manufacturing can bring to your project.

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Integrated Folding Lower Receiver

The patented Integrated Folding Lower Receiver was an idea floated several years back by a friend of 17 Design & Manufacturing, who would become the CEO of Shield Arms. We recently brought this idea back to life in a joint project as a submission and down-selected submission for the US Army’s Sub Compact Weapon System solicitation. While integrating a folding mechanism into the standard operating system of the AR pattern rifle is far from simple, our extensive knowledge of manufacturing and engineering allowed for a high production, repeatable, first of its kind product that will shape the AR market for years to come.

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Shield Arms S15

When Glock™ released the G43X and G48 at SHOT Show 2019, many viewed this product as just another gun. However, Shield Arms and 17 Design & Manufacturing decided we could take Glock™ “Perfection” and do one better – 5 better, in fact. In conjunction with Shield Arms and with creative problem solving, we were able to bring a revolutionary new product to market. For the first time in recent memory, create a product that drove a spike in a specific model of gun sales. We assisted the customer’s legal counsel in technical data for the patent filing, ensuring the protection of this product for years to come.

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Refining Our Vision

17 Design & Manufacturing creates products with consulting expertise and qualified engineering services that you can’t find anywhere else. We maintain our vision that is focused on providing the highest quality product for clients. Partner with us today to help grow your business in the firearm industry.