Details Matter. Experience Matters. Reliability Matters.

When lives depend on parts working flawlessly, you can count on our team.

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From concept to completion, our engineering team has been involved in mechanical engineering, process engineering, large scale project management for all types of engineering projects. Fostering an innovative, yet pragmatic, approach to any engineering challenge, our team can deliver both quick wins and long-term results. We have a proven track record for delivering on time, on budget and on spec.


Our experience in the industry allows us to create cutting edge manufacturing techniques and find new ways to use, develop, and evolve existing processes. By personally designing and engineering cutting edge fixturing in-shop, we’re able to leverage the latest machine technologies to provide you with components of the highest quality.

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Project Development

With over a decade of experience and knowledge, we will take your idea through an in-depth process of planning, organizing, programming, machining and controlling all aspects of accomplishing your specific goals to produce a one of a kind product.